Conney Owens

I have been using the services of the Forever Fit Trainer Jeremy Daum for approximately two, two and half years. I have had great results and he is very professional with me.
I am much more fit and stronger. I have lost about 32 pounds. I have nothing but good things to say about the services offered. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is thinking about it. In the past I have tried going to gyms and working with trainers in the gym. I always seemed to have a hard time finding the time to get there and making the appointments on time. This works out great because Jeremy come’s to my home and he has his own equipment. It’s just very efficient. So if anyone is thinking about it, I would highly recommend him.

Conney Owens

Mary Wrobleski

Thank You for your help. What a difference it has made! I now have better balance and mobility not to mention being able to walk up and down the stairs without pain!! Keep up your good work.

Thank you again,
Mary Wrobleski

Gina Jones

Training with Jeremy has improved my agility, strength, and quickness immensely. My hits are harder and quicker, and I am able to get to my defensive position quicker.

Thanks Jeremy,
Gina Jones

Andrew Fedor

This is a true story of my recent medical experience. I am a male senior, 84 years young, trained by Jeremy Daum and have been training with Jeremy for approximately 2 years.

My doctor recently suggested that I submit to a stress test. I was asked if I wanted to elevate my heart rate on the treadmill or do it chemically, I chose the treadmill. After completing the test successfully the doctor commented “very few patients of my age would even get on the treadmill.” I firmly believe that a large part of my successful completion of this strenuous test was the results of my weight and resistance training that I receive from Jeremy.

-Andrew Fedor

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Your decision should be about the long term. If you strive for a healthy lifestyle, fitness training, and a nutritional program, everything else will fall into place.

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Personal training is a great way to get motivated, receive expert instruction, and make the most of each training session by having direction for your effort.

Personal training will allow you to achieve better results than you could obtain by working out alone.

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