Alexander M. Cintron

Jeremy Daum has been my personal trainer for over two years. Jeremy is extremely dedicated and knowledgeable about training. He has trained me in and outside of the gym. Through his guidance and direction, I have learned to appreciate and excel as a mountain biker. He challenged me by exposing me to various trails. Jeremy is very attentive and focused on instructions. He takes his work very seriously. He is persistent and patient with me while reminding me of the end goal. We worked as a team in building a mind frame for me. I learned to view my body and mind in a wholistic manner.

Jeremy Daum is a trainer that practices what he teaches. He respects his body and inspires wellness through his own personal efforts. He does not smoke or drink. I have recommended Jeremy to friends and family. I appreciate the level of respect he has for people that are struggling with weight or other health issues. He ha gone so far as to grocery shop and set out dietary guidelines.

Since I have trained with Jeremy, I see wellness training as a way of life. I have witnessed changes in my body for the better. Due to this fact, my attitude has improved with a greater breadth of options for creating a healthy way of life. I recommend Jeremy Daum with all the confidence that he will add value to any team.


Alexander M. Cintron


Awesome Trainer and Instructor!
Being a retired rehabilitation nurse of over 30 years I was impressed to see how smart this young man was in relation to the kinetics of the human body.”

He is a big hit with the seniors and a very nice young man. I was so impressed by the setting in which the class works out – great view, plenty of space etc. Jeremy takes time to explain each move and it’s intended result. He pushes the individual and helps them reach their potential. I was glad I had the excuse to sit in for a bit. I was very impressed especially at how this young man won over the seniors so quickly. They absolutely love him!


Kathy Sterbling

Since I have been trained by Jeremy Daum, I’ve lost 20 pounds and noticed a remarkable difference in my strength and endurance in my arms.
It was recently necessary for me to move over 50 wheelbarrows of dirt over 100 feet while rebuilding a garden.
After completing this task, there was no muscle pain or fatigue in my arms, which was a sharp contrast to what I had felt in the past.

Thank You Jeremy!
Kathy Sterbling