NASM Certified Personal Trainer


No one can deny that training with a personal trainer motivates you to work harder.  Even personal trainers benefit from personal training.


Avoiding injuries is the most important part of any fitness training program. Jeremy Daum has years of experience working with doctors on post rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance enhancement. Trust him to be sure your fitness training does not do more harm than good. NASM-CPT certification was designed to progress slowly and prevent injury.


Personal Training will allow you to focus on each exercise. You won’t have to think about anything. Just listen to your personal trainer and follow the instruction to get the most out of your personal training experience.


You do not have to worry about what to do while on vacation. You will learn how to create a fitness training program which will continue long after your personal training sessions are over.

DSC_2744Training with me will be fun yet challenging!

  • Jeremy will make your fitness training program more fun!
  • You will perform exercises you didn’t know you could do!
  • You perform exercises you never knew existed!
  • Get results while enjoying your work out!