Body Composition & Nutrition

An Analysis Of Your Body Fat, Lean Body Mass & Water

Purpose of Body Composition Testing

Weight is an unreliable and deceptive indicator of effectiveness of a fitness program. A true indicator of one’s fitness level is the amount of fat versus lean body mass. A person can be within the normal weights and body mass index, but may have a low level of overall fitness and health. The results of the test will allow you to set realistic goals in terms of weight adjustment, eating habits, and exercise. Extra fat is obvious in how we look, how we feel, and how we perform.

Electrolipograph (ELG)

The ELG is a computerized hardware system that analyzes human body composition ( Percentage of Body Fat and Lean Body Mass ). The ELG system we utilize is the most accurate and scientifically valid system available. It is a safe and simple test performed very quickly and with immediate results.

Nutrition Program

The focus of your nutrition program is to supply you with optimum products and natural foods to achieve your ideal body composition. Your caloric level will be adjusted for your level of physical activity. The Daily diet plan and report is based on the American Dietetic Exchange Program.

Aerobic Recommendation Program

Aerobic exercise combined with weight and resistance training will optimize your body composition and improve your overall level of fitness.

Body Composition Analysis and Nutrition Program Pricing

Body Composition Analysis


Nutrition & Aerobic Recommendation Program


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